The method of mobile data collection provides a complete and comprehensive documentation and is applicable in many different areas.

Maps and terrain models for Road design, feasibility studies, road maintenance inventory, construction of VR-models are some of the  areas.

GeoTracker Advantages

  • Flexible and prepared for customized sensor connections
  • Suitable for rough outdoor conditions (high and low temperatures, vibrations etc.)
    – The scanner system works down to -30 degrees!
  • High position accuracy with a very accurate time tagging for all sensors
  • Quick and simple laser data transformation (GeoTracker PCP)
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective and a reasonable purchase price
  • Button panel for real time field inventory
  • SICK laser scanner sensors are 100% eye safe (safe in crowded places) *
  • Compact and low weight
  • Low power consumption

* SICK LMS511 scanner sensor corresponds to laser class 1 and is safe for both eyes and human skin under all conditions of normal use.