New GeoTracker Mount

In January 2014 Swedvison did a full scale demo with the new GeoTracker Mount. WSP attended as a customer to see if the new assembly was ready for use. Everything appeared to work very well and WSP have ordered the assembly. The delivery takes place in March 2014.

- This step will give us the opportunity to move the Mobile Mapping system to other kind of vehicles in an much easier way. There are many advantages with this upgrade and after two years of successful Mobile Mapping production with our prototype system we finally have a complete and customized system says Magnus Larson, WSP.

GeoTracker Mobile Mapping 2

GeoTracker Mobile Mapping 1

GeoTracker Mobile Mapping 3

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Colored laser data with Ladybug5

During the spring of 2014 there will be a very interesting software update for GeoTracker Office. The big news is that this update includes the possibility to automatically color a point cloud from the Ladybug 5 system. Colored laser data provides many advantages during all kind of mapping and the objects become considerably easier to to find and digitize.

A colored point cloud is also much easier to use in Autodesk Civil 3D or Bentley Civil Power as support during the design.

GeoTracker Lidar RGB 2

GeoTracker Lidar RGB 1


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WSP buys the new GeoTracker Ladybug system

WSP buys the new GeoTracker Ladybug camera system and becomes one of the first providers in the world using the new 30 MPixel Ladybug5 camera for Mobile Mapping.

WSP also have the GeoTracker 5MPixel Stereo camera system and 4 SICK LMS511 laser scanners mounted on their vehicle. In addition to this they also have a two channels ground penetrating radar and all sensors are controlled by the data capture application GeoTracker Road.

- This impressive 360° Ladybug5 camera will together with all the other sensors give us a very flexible and complete Mobile Mapping system. I’m sure this is a good investment and I can’t wait to run the first project , says Magnus Larson at WSP (

Ladybug Ladybug5 GeoTracker


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New GeoTracker roof mount with Ladybug5

Swedvision releases the new GeoTracker roof mount with a Ladybug5 spherical camera on the top!

GeoTracker Mount

The new mount encapsulates all sensors into one integrated and compact platform. This makes it very easy to calibrate and move the system from one vehicle to another. The mount is also easy to put up and the scissor lift will raise the scanner system to a good height above ground, even with a normal car.

GeoTracker roof mount

For more information please contact:
Swedvision Automation AB
Åkerivägen 2
443 61 Stenkullen

Phone: +46 302 51660



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WSP have performed a sucessfull tunnel scanning in Gothenburg

In 2012, WSP did a spectacular mobile scanning project in Gothenburg with their GeoTracker system. They scanned all lanes, both directions in the 1.200 meters long tunnel called “Götatunneln”. The aim was to locate the position of certain sensitive tunnel sections where the intersecting West Link’s railway tunnel now will be designed.

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Power in clouds – Swedish Transport Administration

Why should we use Mobile Mapping and how does it work?
This video made by the Swedish Transport Administration gives you a good understanding and explains everything in a simple way.
The GeoTracker system have been used in Sweden for these kind of measurements since 2011.

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GeoTracker in GIM International

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Intergeo 2012

Visit us at Intergeo 2012 !

Swedvision Automation will exhibit the GeoTracker at the 2012 Intergeo exhibition in Hanover, Germany from the 9th -11th October. Visit us in the OxTS booth B.01.

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GeoTracker New Mobile Mapping System

Read the new OxTS Application article about GeoTracker!

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WSP have bought GeoTracker 360° scanner sensor

WSP has bought our new GeoTracker 360° scanner sensor and have become the first Swedish provider offering mobile laser scanning.

The WSP GeoTracker system is stationed in Örebro and can at short notice perform data acquisition in a fast, safe and economical way across Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

Apart from laser data, the system can also collect stereo images, high-resolution 360° images, video in HD resolution and also ground penetrating radar. 

The versatility of the products from the collected data is large and the method of mobile data collection provides a complete and comprehensive documentation.

Read more at:


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